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Our values

The equitable yvonne S squad

We are proud to abide by a framework that represents sustainability and social responsibility. Yvonne S is an all hand made product mainly supporting local village communities by linking their traditional techniques to Yvonne’s creative incentives.

Reduced carbon footprint

We use only natural fabrics  and when ever the possibilities permit, organically grown cottons. We reduce our carbon footprint by only producing hand made, hand printed, hand cut, and hand sewn cloths.


With a work force based on team work and fairness at every stage of the production process, we manufacture by putting the accent mark on ethics.

Our prints are a technique of screen printing, all applied by hand, using mainly natural dyes. The sewing aspect is done by hand and mainly composed of women, many of whom are the head of their household.

Non-toxic dyes

Our dyes are all water based using screen printing techniques. The left-over water from the fixation process is filtered before going back into the environment.

Biodegradable materials

We are constantly looking for ways to replace any plastic by using biodegradable materials.

Zero-waste products or processes

We are committed to minimize waste at every step of our
production, beginning at the design stage all the way to the production process. We only produce what is on order. We do our best to minimize any waste by recycling the left-overs.